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Cheque Cashing

Get cash today... With payday advances and cheque cashing - Can't wait? Cash your cheque today - Find my local store >

We believe that it’s the strength of our customer service and our competitive rates that encourages our customers to return time and time again to use our in-store cheque cashing service.

Why wait to get your hands on your money?

At Cash Generator we believe that you should be able to get access to your money when you decide you need it. Unlike banks, we are prepared to provide short term loans whilst you wait. Our knowledge and computerised systems allow us check your details and make immediate decisions at most Cash Generator stores. You walk away with your money within minutes.

Why pay more?

At Cash Generator the rates on our cheque cashing service are amongst the most competitive on the high street. We charge a small handling fee plus a small percentage of the value of the cheque that you cash so you can always be sure of a fair, transparent deal.

All Cheques considered...

We are able to accept most cheques made out to an individual, subject to sufficient proof of identification and verification. These include cheques for wages, those issued by the Inland Revenue, Insurance companies, Government, Company refunds and many, many more.

Cheque cashing service: giving you access to cash when you need it.


We Accept
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