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Privacy Policy

We are committed to preserving the highest standards of data protection and privacy for our customers. This Privacy Policy explains how we use and protect the information you provide to us.

Who are we?

We are Cash Generator Limited trading as Cash Generator, a limited company incorporated and registered in England under registration number 2258951. Our registered office and contact details are set out at the end of this policy. We are a member of the Axcess Financial Europe Limited group of companies (the "Axcess Group").

We are a "data controller" which means that we are responsible for the use of your information and we decide how and why this information will be used. We are registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner's Office under reference Z6071547.

What information do we collect?

When you apply for a loan from us, or when you use any of our services, we may collect, keep and use the following information about you:


-address and sometimes previous addresses;

-date of birth;


-telephone or fax number(s);

-email address;

-bank details and debit card details;

-other financial details including your expenses;

-name and address of employer, amount of your pay or salary and how often you get paid;

-a record of transactions and correspondence between you and us;

-copies of identity documents such as passport, driving licence, bank statements or utility bills; and

-details of your visits to our websites and the resources that you access.

How and why do we use this information?

We will record this information electronically and we may also keep hard copies of your application form, agreements, copies of identity documents and any further documents necessary. We will use your information:

-to process your application and to verify your identity;

-to verify your credit standing and credit history (including performing credit searches) and decide whether you are eligible to receive the loan you have applied for – please see the section below entitled "Credit Checks" for more information on how your information is used by us and by credit reference agencies for credit check purposes;

-to confirm your employment details, including by contacting your employer;

-to manage your account and to provide you with our products and services;

-to monitor your loan instalments and repayments;

-to carry out our obligations and exercise our rights arising from any contracts that we enter into with you;

-to contact you regarding your application or your loan;

-to provide customer services to you, including informing you about important changes to our products and services;

-to improve your visits to our website;

-for internal review and business planning purposes to improve our products and our service to customers;

-to detect, prevent and investigate actual and potential fraud;

-for statistical analysis about credit (your information may also be used for this purpose by credit reference agencies); and

-for marketing purposes where you have agreed that we may use information in this way.


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Who do we share this information with?

We may share your information within the Axcess Group and and with our franchisees for any of the purposes described above. We will only share your information with the Axcess Group and our franchisees for marketing purposes if you have consented to us doing so.

We may share your information with third parties where we are legally required to do so, for example for crime prevention or in order to protect our rights or the rights of our group companies, employees or customers.

If we buy or sell any business or assets we may share your information with the prospective seller or buyer of the business or assets. If we go through a corporate merger, consolidation, sale of assets or other corporate change, we may also pass your information on to the buyer or our successors in business to ensure they can continue to operate the business effectively or make full use of the assets sold.

Transfer of information overseas

Some or all of your information may be transferred to, stored or processed by a service provider of ours located in a country outside the European Economic Area where data protection laws may not be as strict as they are in the UK. Where we send your information outside of Europe we will always ensure that adequate measures are taken to protect your information.


We have in place strict organisational and technical security measures to protect against unauthorised or unlawful use of your information and against loss of, or damage to, your information. We require our service providers to have similar measures in place. However we cannot guarantee absolute security.

For how long do we keep your information?

We will keep your information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, to resolve any disputes or complaints that may arise and to comply with our legal obligations. If you have consented to receive marketing communications from us and you have not withdrawn this consent, we will keep your contact information for as long as we are entitled to provide you with marketing communications.

How and why will we contact you?

We may contact you by letter, telephone, text, email or other electronic means for any purpose related to your application, your loan or any other products and services you have requested from us.

We will only contact you for marketing purposes where you have given your consent to be contacted for those purposes.

Credit checks

If you apply for a loan from us, in order to process your application, we will need to perform something called a "credit search". This helps us to decide whether or not you are eligible to receive a loan from us. To help us to make this decision, we may need to obtain information from Credit Reference Agencies ("CRAs") and/or Fraud Prevention Agencies ("FPAs"). We may also have to pass on some of your information to the CRAs and/or FPAs that we use. This section of the Privacy Policy sets out in detail what we, CRAs and FPAs do with your information for credit check purposes and why.

By signing and submitting a loan application form, you will be agreeing to us, CRAs and FPAs sharing your information as described in this Privacy Policy. It is therefore important that you read this document carefully and make sure that you understand it.


1.1What is a credit reference agency?

Credit reference agencies collect and maintain information on consumers’ and businesses’ credit behaviour, on behalf of organisations in the UK.

1.2What is a fraud prevention agency?

Fraud Prevention Agencies collect, maintain and share information on known and suspected fraudulent activity. Some CRAs also act as FPAs.

1.3Why do we use CRAs and FPAs?

Although you have applied to us and we will check our own records, we will also contact CRAs to get information on your credit behaviour with other organisations. This will help us make the best possible assessment of your overall situation before we make a decision.

1.4Where do CRAs and FPAs get the information?

1.4.1Some of the information CRAs and FPAs obtain is publicly available, such as information from:

(a)the Electoral Register (obtained from Local Authorities)

(b)County Court Judgments (obtained from Registry Trust)

(c)Bankruptcy and similar Orders (obtained from the Insolvency Service)

1.4.2Fraud information may also come from fraud prevention agencies.

1.4.3Credit information comes from information on applications to banks, building societies, credit card companies etc and also from the conduct of those accounts.

1.5How will you know if your information is to be sent to a CRA or FPA?

You will be told when you apply for a loan if your application data is to be supplied to a CRA or FPA. The next section of this Privacy Policy explains how, when and why we will search at CRAs and FPAs and what we will do with the information we obtain from them. The next section of this Privacy Policy also explains that we send payment history information, information on you or your business, if you have one, to CRAs. You can ask us at any time for the name of CRAs and FPAs that we use.

1.6Why is your information used in this way?

We and other organisations want to make the best possible decisions we can, in order to make sure that your loan amount is affordable for you. Some organisations may also use the information to check your identity. In this way we can ensure that we all make responsible decisions. At the same time we also want to make decisions quickly and easily and, by using up to date information, provided electronically, we are able to make the most reliable and fair decisions possible.

1.7Who controls what we, CRAs and FPAs are allowed to do with your data?

All organisations that collect and process personal data are regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998, overseen by the Information Commissioner’s Office. All CRAs are in regular dialogue with the Commissioner. Use of the Electoral Register is controlled under the Representation of the People Act 2000.

1.8Can just anyone look at your information held at CRAs?

No, access to your information is very strictly controlled and only those that are entitled to do so may see it. Usually that will only be with your agreement or (very occasionally) if there is a legal requirement.

2What do we do with your information?

2.1When you apply to us for a loan, we will:

2.1.1Check our own records for information on:

(a)your previous borrowing with us and any ongoing borrowing with us;

(b)if you have one, your financial associate's personal accounts (a financial associate means someone you are living with in a personal relationship);


2.1.2Search at CRAs for information on:

(a)your personal accounts;

(b)if you are making a joint application now or have ever done any of the following we will check your financial associates’ personal accounts as well:

(i)if you have previously made joint applications;

(ii)if you have joint account(s);

(iii)if you are financially linked (CRAs may link your records with those of another individual, for example if you are married, have previously made joint applications or have a joint account);

2.1.3Search at FPAs for information on you and any addresses at which you have lived and on your business (if you have one).

2.2When you apply to us, you provide us with certain information. We will use this information for the following purposes:

2.2.1Information that is supplied to us will be sent to the CRAs.

2.2.2If you are making a joint application or tell us that you have a spouse or financial associate, we will:

(a)search, link and/or record information at credit reference agencies about you both;

(b)link any individual identified as your financial associate, in our own records;

(c)take both your and their information into account in future applications by either or both of you;

(d)continue this linking until the account closes, or is changed to a sole account and one of you notifies us that you are no longer linked.

It is therefore important that you obtain your spouse or financial associate's agreement to disclose information about them.

If you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect or identify fraud we will record this and may also pass this information to FPAs and other organisations involved in crime and fraud prevention.

2.3With the information that we obtain from CRAs and/or FPAs, we will:

2.3.1assess your application for credit;

2.3.2check details on applications for credit and credit related or other facilities;

2.3.3verify your identity and the identity of your spouse, partner or other directors/partners;

2.3.4undertake checks for the prevention and detection of crime, fraud and/or money laundering;

2.3.5we may use scoring methods to assess this application and to verify your identity;

2.3.6manage your borrowing with us; and/or

2.3.7undertake periodic statistical analysis or testing to ensure the accuracy of existing and future products and services.

Any or all of these processes may be automated.

2.4What we do when you have an account with us:

2.4.1Where you borrow or may borrow from us, we will give details of your personal and/or business account (if you have one), including names and parties to the account and how you manage it/them to CRAs.

2.4.2If you borrow and do not repay in full and on time, we will tell CRAs.

2.4.3We may make periodic searches of our own group records and at CRAs to manage your account with us, including whether to make credit available or to continue or extend existing credit. We may also check at FPAs to prevent or detect fraud.

2.4.4If you have borrowed from us and do not make payments that you owe us, we will trace your whereabouts and recover debts.

3What do CRAs and FPAs do with your information?

3.1When CRAs receive a search from us they will:

3.1.1place a search “footprint” on your credit file whether or not your application proceeds. If the search was for a credit application the record of that search (but not the name of the organisation that carried it out) may be seen by other organisations when you apply for credit in the future;

3.1.2link together the records of you and anyone that you have advised is your financial associate including previous and subsequent names of parties to the account. Links between financial associates will remain on your and their files until such time as you or your partner successfully files for a disassociation with the CRAs.

3.2CRAs will supply to us: -

3.2.1credit information such as previous applications and the conduct of the accounts in your name and of your financial associate(s) (if there is a link between you – see 3.1.2 above) and/or your business accounts (if you have one);

3.2.2public information such as County/Sheriff Court Judgments (CCJs) and bankruptcies;

3.2.3Electoral Register information; and

3.2.4fraud prevention information.

3.3When we supply information to CRAs about your account(s):

3.3.1CRAs will record the details that are supplied on your personal and/or business account (if you have one) including any previous and subsequent names that have been used by the accountholders and how you/they manage it/them;

3.3.2if you borrow and do not repay in full and on time, CRAs will record the outstanding debt;

3.3.3records shared with credit reference agencies remain on file for 6 years after they are closed, whether settled by you or defaulted.

3.4CRAs will not use your information for the following purposes:

3.4.1to create a blacklist; or

3.4.2to make a decision.

3.5CRAs will use your information for the following purposes:

3.5.1The information which we and other organisations provide to the credit reference agencies about you, your financial associates and your business (if you have one) may be supplied by credit reference agencies to other organisations and used by them to:

(a)prevent crime, fraud and money laundering by, for example checking details provided on applications for credit and credit related or other facilities;

(b)check the operation of credit and credit-related accounts;

(c)verify your identity if you or your financial associate applies for other facilities;

(d)make decisions on credit and credit related services about you, your partner, other members of your household or your business;

(e)manage your personal, your partner’s and/or business (if you have one) credit or credit related account or other facilities;

(f)trace your whereabouts and recover debts that you owe; and

(g)undertake statistical analysis and system testing.

3.6FPAs may use your information for the following purposes:

3.6.1The information which we provide to the FPAs about you, your financial associates and your business (if you have one) may be supplied by FPAs to other organisations and used by them and us to :

(a)prevent crime, fraud and money laundering by, for example:

(i)checking details provided on applications for credit and credit related or other facilities;

(ii)managing credit and credit related accounts or facilities;

(iii)cross-checking details provided on proposals and claims for all types of insurance;

(iv)checking details on applications for jobs or when checked as part of employment.

(b)verify your identity if you or your financial associate applies for other facilities including all types of insurance proposals and claims;

(c)trace your whereabouts and recover debts that you owe;

(d)conduct other checks to prevent or detect fraud;

(e)we and other organisations may access and use from other countries the information recorded by fraud prevention agencies;

(f)undertake statistical analysis and system testing.

4How to find out more

4.1You can contact the CRAs currently operating in the UK. We use Experian, which can be contacted at:

Experian, Consumer Help Service, PO Box 8000, Nottingham NG80 7WF or call 0844 4818000 or log on to

4.2Please contact us using the details shown at the end of this Privacy Policy if you want to receive details of the relevant FPAs or if you have any questions about anything in this section.

Your rights

You have a right to access the personal information that we hold about you. If you would like to make a request to access your information, please email or write to us at the addresses below. We may ask you for identification and we may charge a small fee (up to £10) before we give you access.

You have a right to correct any inaccurate or out-of-date information at no extra charge. Please write to us at the address below as soon as you become aware that the information we hold about you is inaccurate or out-of-date.

You have a right to ask us not to use your information for marketing purposes and to ask us to stop sending you marketing communications. We will only send you such communications if you consent to receiving them on your application form.

If you wish to stop receiving marketing communications at any time, please email us or write to us at the addresses below and we will stop sending you marketing communications as soon as we can.

You can also ask to receive a hard copy of this Privacy Policy at any time by writing to us at the address below or requesting a copy in any of our stores.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time the way in which we use your information may change. If this happens, we will update this Privacy Policy. Where the changes are likely to affect you we will notify you of the changes. This document was last updated on 3rd August 2014.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or any information we hold about you, or if you wish to exercise any of your rights described above, please contact us:

By email:

By post: The Data Protection Officer, Cash Generator Limited, Ratho Park, Station Road, Newbridge, Edinburgh EH28 8QQ

By telephone: 0131 442 7000

At your nearest Cash Generator store: [link to store locator]

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